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Bible Psalm 30:4-5

Posted August 19, 2013

4 Sing praises to the Lord, O you his saints, and give thanks to his holy name.5 For his anger is but for a moment, and his favor is for a lifetime.Weeping may tarry for the night, but joy comes with the morning.

In the first three verses of Psalm 30, we find David recounting the beautiful ways God had saved him (drawing him up, overcoming his foes, hearing his cry for healing, restoring his life). In verse 4, he calls others to a two-fold response:

Sing Praises to the Lord

It was not enough for David to simply praise; he wanted others to join in his song! He calls the saints (those saved and set apart by God) to sing alongside him. What reason do you have to sing? Because if you are in Christ, God calls you a saint cleansed by Jesus’ blood! How could you remain silent? A saved soul is a singing soul. In “The Cross of Christ”, John Stott said that, “whenever Christian people come together it is impossible to stop them from singing. The Christian community is a community of celebration.” Make space in your life to sing… Sing alone and sing with others.

Give Thanks to his Holy Name

Not only should Christians be a singing people, but they should be a thankful people! We have much to give thanks for… Do you feel thankless? It’s time to remember God’s holy Name, His excellencies, His perfections, His glory. Ask for wide spiritual eyes that see God for who He is! As you see, you will sing and praise in gratitude.

In verse 5, David gives a couple reasons for the two-folded response:

Momentary Anger But Lifelong Favor

David interestingly tells us that “his anger lasts a moment”… What do we make of God’s anger? Often, we’ve colored God to our own cultural likings and have flattened his character and stripped His name of all attributes but love (ignoring the bits in the Bible about justice, righteousness, holiness, and wrath). However, Scripture teaches us that God is more complex than that. While He is love, in His love He can feel displeasure & anger! The Christian, however, can rejoice in God’s perfect anger for it is a fatherly anger that seeks the good of His children. Surprisingly, His anger is an expression of His love & favor! Hebrews 12 teaches us that God disciplines the ones He loves... If you are not disciplined, it’s a sign you’re not a legitimate child. Thank God for His anger and discipline as well as for His lifelong favor (even in times of discipline)!

Evening Weeping But Morning Joy

David moves on to tell us that there also will be weeping. While weeping isn’t absent from the life of the saint, the weeping saint frames their grief in a different context. The saint knows that God’s joy is ultimately coming; though it may seem dark out, and the night might seem long, we can trust that the sun will rise. Though there may be seasons of grief and repentance, ultimately there will be wholeness and reconciliation and joy. Be it discipline or God in His mysterious providence, God promises that favor will be at the end of our story. Our suffering, no matter how long it carries on, will seems infinitely small compared to the glory of eternity!


Song by Robbie Seay.
Artwork by Emily Enabit.