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Bible Psalm 139:13-14

Posted June 02, 2014

For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me together in my mother's womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; my soul knows it very well.

This marks our sixth week memorizing Psalm 139 in its entirety! If you’re just joining us, welcome. At the beginning of Psalm 139, the psalmist pointed us to a God who knows and sees all things, as well as a God whose presence none can evade or escape; God is forever near and intimately aware (even our unspoken thoughts). In this week’s set of verses, another aspect of God is drawn out: He is the God who formed and knitted and made each of us.

Formed and Knitted

Verses 11 and 12 reminded us that though we may try to run away from God, seeking to hide in darkness, darkness is as light to God. Bruce Waltke commented, “The confessions segue from God's transforming night/darkness to day/light to God's fashioning the mortal in the darkness of the womb. The stanza represents God as a skillful weaver of embroidered cloth dedicated to creating his magnum opus. His studio is the dark chamber of a mother's womb.” Just as God was the Creator in Genesis who formed Adam’s frame out of the dust and breathed His life into it, so God continues to be the Creator who forms and knits life together in the mother’s womb. We are not merely the result of DNA strands and luck, but rather of a loving and shaping God. Even your deepest inward parts (in Hebrew, “kidneys”, home to our desires and longings) were formed by God! In your mother’s womb, where no one else could know you, God did. You were known, formed, and knit by Divine hands.

Fearfully and Wonderfully

As if it were not enough to know that we were formed & knitted by God, the psalmist carries on by adding two adverbs to show God’s depth of care and excellence: we were made fearfully and wonderfully. No human on the planet is the result of chance or trembling confused hands, but by the loving and wise hands of God Himself. You were made in God’s very image!

Praise and Wonder

The psalmist couldn’t help but burst into praise upon meditation of these truths. What about you? What is your response? God forms and knits, we must worship & praise; both with words of adoration directed at our Creator and through lives of adoration lived in His honor. Spurgeon said, “We cannot begin too soon to bless our Maker, who began so soon to bless us: even in the act of creation he created reasons for our praising his name, For I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Who can gaze even upon a model of our anatomy without wonder and awe? Who could dissect a portion of the human frame without marvelling at its delicacy, and trembling at its frailty? The Psalmist had scarcely peered within the veil which hides the nerves, sinews, and blood vessels from common inspection; the science of anatomy was quite unknown to him; and yet he had seen enough to arouse his admiration of the work and his reverence for the Worker.”

Does your soul know it? Does your soul know it well? If it does, then let it praise Him!


Song by A Boy and His Kite.
Artwork by Jonathan Lindsey.