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Bible Psalm 9:9-10

Posted July 28, 2014

[9] The LORD is a stronghold for the oppressed,
a stronghold in times of trouble.
[10] And those who know your name put their trust in you,
for you, O LORD, have not forsaken those who seek you.

Prior in Psalm 9, we find David praising God for who He is and remembering His wonderful deeds, particularly as the Most High King. In verse 9, he recalls that God is a stronghold and then, in verse 10, that His name is trustworthy.

He Is A Stronghold

One thing is certain in life: trouble will come. When it comes (not if), where will you run? You will run somewhere; you will seek a stronghold. Here David teaches us that in oppression and times of trouble, God is a sure stronghold. We see people running to a wide array of strongholds seeking refuge, but we come to see that these strongholds are never strong enough. They let us down; they crumble as we seek protection within their gates. God alone is King, and God alone can protect us from whatever it is we face.

Spurgeon commented, “There are many forms of oppression; both from man and from Satan oppression comes to us; and for all its forms, a refuge is provided in the Lord Jehovah. There were cities of refuge under the law, God is our refuge-city under the gospel. As the ships when vexed with tempest make for harbour, so do the oppressed hasten to the wings of a just and gracious God. He is a high tower so impregnable, that the hosts of hell cannot carry it by storm, and from its lofty heights faith looks down with scorn upon her enemies.”

His Name Is Trustworthy

The truths of God provoke a response in us! If God is a stronghold, how are we to respond? It is not enough for us to mentally acknowledge God’s perfections, but rather they should lead us to actively seek Him. How do we seek Him? In light of who He’s revealed Himself to be, we in turn run to Him in prayer, faith, and confidence as our stronghold! As we come to the stronghold of God’s name in prayer, we find His gates wide open to us. He does not forsaken us, but rather just the opposite; he shelters us; He receives us.

This receiving leads us to the next stage: we trust Him! How could we not? If we came to His gates and found them locked up, we would never come to Him again. If we found in Him an open gate, but paper thin walls that could not hold up to the onslaughts and attacks, we would not trust Him either. However, God is both compassionate and powerful. He not only receives us, but is also strong enough to weather the most vicious and brutal storms of life! His name is trustworthy.

Friends, Jesus is our ultimate stronghold. Through His death on the cross, He faced the oppression and times of trouble we deserved that we might run to Him! Are you oppressed? Are you in a time of trouble? Seek Christ, and put your trust in His work on your behalf, knowing He will not forsake you. Then praise Him over and over again.


Song by Latifah Phillips.
Artwork by Chris Wright.