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Bible Romans 10:13-15

Posted January 08, 2012

This is a lovely verse both encouraging our hearts to worship him in light of him saving those who call on his name, but also a deep challenge to continue to be used by God to speak his good news and our role within that! It's a reminder that the preaching of the gospel always is accompanied with words. This is a challenge to those of us who have grown comfortable with the "preach the gospel at all times and when necessary use words". While some of those principles are true (i.e. the gospel is always to be preached in love, and that our lives are to be continual representatives of God's love toward others), there is a real sense in which the gospel is a message & story & invitation and that's only possible with actual words. There is always a "call". May God make us mouthpieces and not just examples who never share the reason for the hope we have.

here's a blog exploring some different sides of the verse.

There are 2 songs this week. The first was written by Joel Limpic & Jaime Cochran, and recorded by Jaime. The second one was written & recorded by Chris Clark.

Last but not least, just wanted to remind everyone that our goal is not that we would simply write catchy songs, but rather that we'd be able to memorize & meditate on them, and incorporate them into our daily lives, praying them throughout the day. That we'd be able to hide God's Word in our hearts! Use these verses in the mornings as you rise and meditate on little parts of them. Try writing out the whole verse in your journal, and then focus on the first part of this verse ("everyone who calls on the name of the lord will be saved"), but in the coming days pick different parts. Make the verse readily accessible to your mind & heart. God might be trying to encourage you in this verse. He might be trying to challenge you to step out in new ways. Whatever it is, we pray we have receptive hearts to his Word.