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Bible Psalm 121:5-6

Posted February 24, 2015

The LORD is your keeper;
the LORD is your shade on your right hand.
The sun shall not strike you by day,
nor the moon by night.

This is our third week memorizing Psalm 121:5-6. What was spoken of as God’s activity in the last two verses now is pointed to as His identity. God keeps us because He is our Keeper; His keeping of His people is precisely out of who He is. His keeping isn’t just happenstance; it doesn’t simply appear as a by-product of a good mood or a fluke expression, but rather is an intentionally loving and purposeful move out of Who He is. The Keeper cannot not keep His people, and for this we rejoice! We see this keeping play out in a couple ways:

1> Shadowing Presence

For the Jerusalem-bound pilgrim in that day, while the sun provided the light they needed it also brought with it heat and inevitable physical exhaustion. The ESV Gospel Transformation Bible commented, “As people traveled down the Jordan Valley southwards and then turned west to ascend the steep roadway to Jerusalem, the sun would be to their left side. The Lord, then, was likened to the shade on their right hand, where comfort and protection was felt.” God is not only our keeper, but one of the ways He keeps us is by being to us a shadow and shield. In the heat of the day, in the trials of life, God does not promise merely to send shade, but rather be our shade. His presence is to us a wonderful shadow in times of heat. The heat and sun might not stop beating down, but His presence and shadow remains. We do not suffer alone.

2> Day or Night

There’s a comprehensiveness to His careful keeping of His people. The difficulties of day and the trials of night are not a match for this shadowing Keeper! No sort of situation is out of view for this keeping God; no time of day is not exempted or excluded. Charles Spurgeon elaborated:

“Day and night make up all time: thus the ever present protection never ceases. All evil may be ranked as under the sun or the moon, and if neither of these can smite us we are indeed secure. God has not made a new sun or a fresh moon for his chosen, they exist under the same outward circumstances as others, but the power to smite is in their case removed from temporal agencies; saints are enriched, and not injured, by the powers which govern the earth's condition; to them has the Lord given ‘the precious things brought forth by the sun, and the precious things put forth by the moon,’ while at the same moment he has removed from them all glare and curse of heat or damp, of glare or chill.”

People of God, do you know that you are kept by the shadowing Keeper Himself? There is no sun too blinding or evening too dark for Him. He is with you and holds you. Jesus Himself was struck for our sins that we might be shadowed. Christ was forsaken on the cross that we might be kept. Lift up your eyes to the hill of Calvary and praise Him!


Song by Ariella Wilson.
Production & mix by Dustin Ragland.
Artwork by Christian Robinson.