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Bible Revelation 21:4

Posted January 15, 2016

He will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and death shall be no more, neither shall there be mourning, nor crying, nor pain anymore, for the former things have passed away.

Physical death is a universal experience for all who are born on this earth. No one can escape its grip. No exercise regimen or diet plan can outsmart it. No security gates or deadbolts can keep it out. It was ushered into the world along with sin in the Garden of Eden, and it remains here today. Spiritual death, however, is not a universal experience. It is completely, totally, and forever withheld from the believer. God promises eternal LIFE to those who belong to Him, and in this passage from Revelation, we get a beautiful and tender glimpse into that life that awaits those who trust in Him.

The Death of Sorrow

The Gospel has the power to comfort us even now in our griefs because it has ‘opened the window’ for us to see this future home that has been secured for us through Christ. Sorrow has not yet been removed completely from the people of God, but there is a day coming when the consolation of God will reach its fulfillment and every tear will be wiped away from our eyes forevermore. All sorrow and mourning over sin, sickness, loss, worries, disappointments, and reproach will cease, and the heavy weight of sadness that burdens the human heart will be lifted off in the heaven that awaits us. This passage paints us a picture of a tender and compassionate father wiping away the tears of his hurting child. It is an intimate picture- His hands cupping our faces, removing the final effects of sin from our eyes before He welcomes us into the home that He has bought & eagerly prepared for us.

The Death of Death

Sometimes the best way to appreciate something good is to spend some time thinking deeply about the opposite of it. This passage tells us that “death shall be no more.” Five small words, but oh! The explosive effect of these five words! It does not take long to feel the beauty in them when you pause to think about the destruction that death has brought upon the earth, and upon your very own heart. Graveside mourners, sickbed watchmen, aborted babies, human trafficking, global terrorism... a day is coming when never again shall a mother bury a child. There will be no more graves! Never again will a cancer cell be found. There will be no more hospitals! Never again will violence and evil overpower the innocent. There will be no more courtrooms! These are the “former things” that are passing away. These are the things we will no longer need when “death shall be no more”. Sin and its final payment, death, will be eradicated from us completely. The deep hope of Revelation 21:4 is ours NOW through Christ! He is the second Adam who has rebuilt the ruins left by the first. This heaven that we long for has already been opened to us and secured through His blood. If you believe in Him, let this future hope illuminate your daily life and throw fuel on your worship and adoration of Him. Let it make you bold and fearless as you serve Him with your life, knowing that death has been defeated and your eternal future is eternally secure!


Song by Brad Kilman.
Produced by Dustin Ragland.
Artwork by Neil Sandoz.
Devo by Emery Clark.