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Bible Proverbs 6:20-21

Posted May 21, 2012

3 thoughts in response to these verses:

1) Would we be diligent to teach our children (physical or spiritual children) God's ways, passing on to them all we've been given and entrusted with... Commend Christ and His kingdom to the next generation! Jesus' Great Commission in Matthew 28 wasn't just to go and make converts, but to go and make disciples, teaching them to observe all Christ had commanded them.

2) May each of us continue to fight to walk in God's ways passed down to us by our fathers & mothers (be that physical or spiritual parents). Memorizing & meditating on Scripture is one of the ways we do this. Let's ask the Lord to indeed bind his words & commands on our hearts and empower us to do them!

3) These verses exist in the biblical context of warning children against adultery... This subject & warning needs to be heeded now more than ever. Not just in physical adultery, but we see other expressions of this in pornography, emotional affairs, social media flirtations, etc. and the devastation they leave behind. Would we be a people who see God's Word & His way as a better and more fulfilling way! Not just as duty, but indeed as a delight ("at your right hand are pleasures forevermore"). DA Carson wisely said, "you worship your way into porn, and you must worship your way out of it." We must learn to be a people who treasure Christ & His commands more than porn, adultery, money, power, or anything else that might become an idol to us. Listen to this short clip of here:

There are some other practical areas addressed here:

May we lovingly bind & tie his Word to our hearts, embodying it in our lives & marriages by His grace!