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Bible 2 Timothy 1:7

Posted June 11, 2012

This short verse issues a strong reminder to each and every one of us of all that is available to us in Christ by His Spirit! Paul (the author of 2 Timothy) contrasts a life dominated by fear with another characterized by power, love, and self-control (or a sound mind).

-What marks your life? -What are your greatest fears? -What do you find yourself anxious & worried about? -Is God truly stronger than these things?

The ESV Study Bible says this about fear: "The Greek (deilia) in extra-biblical literature refers to one who flees from battle, and has a strong pejorative sense referring to cowardice. Boldness, not cowardice, is a mark of the Spirit (see Prov. 28:1; Acts 4:31)."

May God fill his Church with His Spirit, enabling us to become an empowered, loving, and self-controlled people!

Jonathan Lindsey created a design that you can save to your phone or computer to help remind you to engage with, memorize, & meditate on this verse. There are 3 formats:

1) iPhone background 2) iPad background 3) Desktop backgrounds (avail in a zip file in various display sizes)

The song for this week was written and sung by Charlie Hall & Daniel Bashta, produced & recorded by Dustin Ragland. Charlie's site is http://charliehall.com/ and Daniel's site is http://danielbashta.com/.