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Bible Proverbs 18:10

Posted July 02, 2012

10 The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous man runs into it and is safe.

What's in a name? In the Bible, a name is a disclosure of one's nature or essence. JI Packer says that God's name is "God himself as he has revealed himself by word and deed."

We want to point out 2 truths found in this short verse. The first truth taught is that God's name is a strong tower. Are you (and your name) weak? Be of courage, for His name (essence) is full of strength! The second amazing truth is that God, in his strength, calls us to run into his name (or into him & all he is for us in Christ). In the New Testament, Paul's letter to Ephesus teaches us about the blessings for all those who are "in Christ"... How do we come to rest in him? We run from any other name or tower, and put all our trust in the name of Jesus & his sacrifice for our sins. We run from any other tower and take up residence within Christ and all his promises.

What towers have you been running to? To job security? To control? To relationships? To influence? To people pleasing? To money? To family? Even to the tower of self-righteous works that you think earn you the right to approach God? There's a great blog that expands a bit more on the context of the verse, comparing those who trust in the name of the Lord against those who trust money for their security:

There is only one tower that your soul was created to take residence in, and that's in the name of Jesus. Run humbly to him, friends, and he will receive you. How do you know? Just look to the cross.