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Bible Philippians 4:19

Posted September 25, 2012

19 And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus.

This week's verse is short yet incredibly profound if we allow the truths here to root themselves deeper into our hearts. There are a few things about God that stand out:

God is personal.
Paul described God as "my God"... He wasn't simply a distant deity to Paul, but a God who made Himself known intimately. Not only did God reveal Himself to Paul, but He is still the same God who reveals Himself to all who would seek Him today (Hebrews 11:6).

God is wise.
Not only is God personal, but He is all-wise & all-knowing, distinguishing between our "needs" and "wants". The very things we call "needs" might be something that would ultimately damage or destroy us. Sometimes it's hard to dig under the surface of our requests and know whether our intentions for asking are pure & godly or if they're self-seeking. Though we should ask (for we are commanded to do so in Scripture), we also ask knowing that God is all-wise and all-good, never giving us something that would not be for His glory and our good. This is a truth we can lay our heads down on at night: God alone is sovereign and wise.

God is all-sufficient.
He is described as one who supplies out of His riches. He is forever the supplier, we are forever the recipients. He's not stressed out about His bank account, the stock market, and if a check He wrote is going to bounce. Two phrases in Philippians should alert us of this truth: "my God will supply every need" and "according to his riches". The first phrase doesn't say that He will supply for "most needs", "a couple needs", or "He'll supply when He's in a good mood". Rather, it says He'll supply every need, and not one need less. You can bank on this truth! It also says, "according to his riches." It doesn't say, "until His supply runs out", "until He feels like it", or "according to His small reserve" but according to His riches! Prayer then is merely an acknowledgement of the way things are: that we are needy and desperate, while God is all-sufficient and can provide all we need. He loves to show Himself faithful to His children. Cry out to Him who will never know lack or want!

God is compassionate.
Not only is God all-sufficient (possessing all we could ever need), but He also lovingly and compassionately uses His supplies to meet our needs. He isn't simply a wealthy man who loves to be stingy, but is a generous Father who lavishes His blessings on His kids. You don't need to wait to catch Him on the right day, or ask with the perfect words or tone of voice! How do we know of His love & compassion most clearly? Simply look to the cross and read Romans 3:23, which says, "But God shows His love for us in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us." When we had nothing to offer Him, He offered us His Son as payment for our sins & rebellion against Him. What compassion! What generosity! If we miss that his riches are poured out through His Son Jesus, we miss everything! Apart from Christ, we would never experience the saving grace of the Father! All we should experience is the just wrath of the Father. Learn to treasure Christ, for apart from Him we would all be lost and never know the joys of being adopted children of God.

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This week's song was written by Ryan Smith and his sister Jami Smith King, and produced by Chris Clark. Jami Smith worked on an album called "Verse." ( that has 12 songs written straight from Scripture (like this project) to help you memorize. Ryan & Jami wrote some of the songs together on that record.