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Bible 1 Peter 2:24

Posted October 22, 2012

24 He himself bore our sins in his body on the tree, that we might die to sin and live to righteousness. By his wounds you have been healed.

It's no coincidence we're memorizing this verse right after memorizing Isaiah 53:4-6. Peter is teaching us that the Suffering Servant found in Isaiah is Jesus! He was the one prophesied of years before by the prophet, the fulfillment of years of waiting and anticipation.

1) Christ bore our sins...
This verse teaches us that Jesus bore our sins. How? In his body on the tree (or cross). Once again, we deal with the issue of substitutionary atonement: Jesus (the sinless one) took on our sins (the sinful ones) at the cross. In his commentary on 1 Peter, Wayne Grudem says, "The fact that Christ bore our sins means that God the Father counted our sins against Christ and, in a way not fully understood by us, 'laid on him the iniquity of us all' (Is. 53:6) The Father thought of our sins as belonging to Christ; he 'made him to be sin who knew no sin' (2 Cor. 5:21), and then punished him with that anger against sin, separation from God, and consequent death which we deserved. In this way Christ was a substitute for his people, one who stood in their place."

2) That we...
Jesus didn't bear our sins and die for nothing. The next part of the verse reminds us that what Christ DID should impact what we DO. This isn't the case of a, "Hey, thanks Jesus... I'm going to go about my business now but feel less guilty about sinning." Christ died for our sins so that we could:

A) die to sin
B) live to righteousness

These two truths always must live together closely, holding hands. You can't simply die to sin and then retreat into a cave... God calls us to live, to be fully alive & human again. Too many people want the "living to righteousness" without the "dying to sin", which is another impossibility. Friends, you cannot have 2 masters. Either sin will have its way with you or God will. What Christ did was defeat sins ultimate power over you and then fill you with His Spirit to empower you to kill it (progressively) and live for Him. This is an incredibly important point to note. For those dealing with sin they haven't been able to shake for years, this is beautiful news. Die to that sin, kill it, and live with a new and better affection: God Himself.

This week's song is brought to you by Chris Clark featuring his wife Emery singing with him, and artwork by Jonathan David Lindsey. Our prayer is that both these would help you engage with the verse, memorizing & meditating on the truths found in it.