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Bible Ephesians 4:29

Posted March 26, 2012

While this week is a short verse, it's an extremely convicting word that we need to meditate on more often and would deeply benefit those we come into contact with (if we actually put it into practice more). Imagine if we were a people didn't speak words of decay to others, but rather ones that build, full of discernment and grace to all who receive them! Imagine marriages that operated like this, churches, workplaces, friendships!

Dig in deep friends. Ask the holy spirit for help to live this out in practical ways throughout your day. Meditate day and night on this truth. If you're looking to go a bit deeper, read this devotional:


Jaime Cochran wrote the song & Dustin Ragland recorded it.

May our words be ones that build beautiful things around us!

Jaime Cochran
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