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Bible 2 Chronicles 16:9

Posted January 07, 2013

For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro throughout the whole earth, to give strong support to those whose heart is blameless toward him.

Here we find a picture of God’s eyes scanning the earth for those seeking God’s assistance... The context of this passage is actually a confrontation of king Asa’s lack of reliance on the Lord. Asa, who had once trusted in God, turned to Syria’s military might instead of God’s might for help. For more on this, read http://fighterverses.com/blog-post/god-is-the-one-who-gives/.

Like Asa, we are confronted with daily decisions of trust and reliance. The eyes of man run to and fro throughout the earth looking for people and things it can rely on for support. Asa chose to put his hope in another nation’s strength instead of God’s strength. What do we put our trust in? Our own strength and abilities? Our savings account? The stock market? Our academic degree? Our paycheck? Our spouse’s affection? The problem is that the minute we put our ultimate reliance on finite powers and things, we are asking those things to do for us something it is incapable of doing. Only God Himself can provide true stability, life, and support to us. God is seeking to provide support to us not because He needs validation, but rather because He knows we need Him! He beckons us to trust Him because He knows anything less than Himself won’t be enough and will let us down...

As our eyes run to and fro, may our eyes meet the eyes of the living God who is seeking to come to our assistance! He promises to not just give support, but strong support. He doesn’t merely give you a pat on the back and whisper an encouraging uplifting word and then walk away, but rather comes with His mighty strength and support to help you and stand by you. What does he look for? A blameless heart. A heart that knows it can’t do it on its own. A heart that knows it needs Him. A heart that does not turn elsewhere for ultimate hope. A heart that has put its faith (confidence) not in its own perfection & blamelessness, but rather in Jesus and his perfect obedience and atoning death on the cross.

The Bible teaches that those who turn away from their sin & self-reliance and put their trust in Jesus’ work for them are now found “in Christ”. What does this mean? It means that when God looks at us, He no longer see our sin & blame, but sees His Son & His blood. He sees a blameless heart because He sees His Son’s heart in us. This doesn’t mean we don’t sin anymore, it just means that God no longer counts our sin against us and is working in us by His Spirit to set us free from this sin more and more. Because of Christ, you can cry out to the Father in His Son’s Name and in the Spirit’s power, knowing that God will not only hear you, but give you “strong support”. What a miracle & what a privilege!

This week’s song was written by Joel Limpic and Ryan Gikas, and produced by Dustin Ragland.