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Bible Psalm 37:23-24

Posted February 25, 2013

23 The steps of a man are established by the Lord,
    when he delights in his way;
24 though he fall, he shall not be cast headlong,
    for the Lord upholds his hand.

These two verses are David’s continued meditation on God’s delight in the way of the righteous as over the way of the wicked (see the last 2 weeks for more from Psalm 37). These verses remind of us three things:

1) God establishes the steps of those who walk in His way. When we look at the state of the world, it’s so easy to forget that God is ultimately in charge. Charles Spurgeon commented, “All his course of life is graciously ordained, and in lovingkindness all is fixed, settled, and maintained. No reckless fate, no fickle chance rules us; our every step is the subject of divine decree.” What an amazingly powerful truth that we should recall regularly! Though our steps are established by God, by no means does that lessen our responsibility to commit our way to the Lord and delight in Him; rather, this truth should fuel our walking in His ways.

2) God delights in those who walk in His way. While earlier in Psalm 37:4 we were called to delight in God, here God is described as one who delights in the way of the righteous! God takes joy in those seeking to walk in His ways in His strength... Spurgeon compared God’s relationship to the righteous “as parents are pleased with the tottering footsteps of their babes. All that concerns a saint is interesting to his heavenly Father. God loves to view the holy strivings of a soul pressing forward to the skies.”

3) God upholds those who walk in His way. Note that following God’s ways does not always entail ensured success by our standards or our culture’s standards. Verse 24 says, “though they fall, they shall not be cast headlong.” In context, this falling seems to have less to do with a moral and sinful falling (though it certainly covers that as well), but rather a material calamity or hardship. Instead of being cast headlong, God’s people are upheld by his hand even in their falling!

Do your circumstances seem to tell you that you have been cast away by God? If you are a Christian and have put your trust in Christ, remind yourself of these three truths: God is the strong establisher of your ways, delighting in you as you seek him, and faithfully upholding you, even though circumstances seem to tell you otherwise! Life is unstable and unpredictable, but God’s reign is sure, his delight is true, and his hand is steady.

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