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Bible Luke 19:10

Posted June 17, 2013

10 For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost.”

What was Jesus’ mission as He came to earth? “To seek and to save the lost.” This simple yet profound summary was spoken by Jesus Himself upon Zacchaeus’ conversion. Who was Zacchaeus? He was a chief tax collector, most likely implying he managed a group of tax collectors under him, and therefore was hated in the eyes of his own people around him. He was a traitor, a “friend of Caesar’s”, who ruthlessly took advantage of those he collected taxes from and therefore was an enemy of Israel. And yet Jesus saw Zacchaeus in the sycamore tree, called him down, and went to eat at the house of this hated sinner. The crowd who had been following Jesus was in disbelief, for many of them had probably been over-charged taxes by Zacchaeus himself. Why did Jesus do this? Because He came to seek and to save the lost.

Jesus Seeks

Because Jesus came to seek for the lost, none are too far gone, too out of reach, or too “sinful”. In the eyes of the crowd, Zacchaeus’ house was the least likely house Jesus would go stay at, but Jesus has a tendency to see things differently. He was seeking the salvation of Zacchaeus’ soul! Not only is this good news for those who feel too far gone, but it’s good news for the exhausted and weary. When you’ve run out of steam and energy, know that Jesus never grows weary. He will be faithful to continue in His pursuit of the lost. Have you lost hope for yourself? For a friend? A family member? Let Zacchaeus’ story be fuel to your faith again! Let Jesus’ mission be a reminder of how gracious He is as He seeks us out!

Jesus Saves

Jesus reveals Himself not only as a Seeker but also a Savior. What good would it be if he could find us but not save us? Our only hope is if he can seek us out and save us. Christianity teaches us that it was precisely when we couldn’t save ourselves that He sent His Son to die for us that we might have life! Ours is the seeking & saving God; He is pro-active in His pursuit. He’s not waiting to see if we get our act together because He knows we never could get our act together sufficiently! He is always in the position of Savior, and we are always in the position of being those saved. If you ever forget what it was that Jesus came to do, this verse is a great reminder!


Brooks Ritter- melody, vocals, acoustic and electric guitars.
Alex Moore- Bass
Jon Moore- Drums

Mixed by Jon Moore and Brooks Ritter
Mastered by Jon Moore
Artwork by Emily Enabit

Brooks Ritter is a singer/songwriter (, worship leader out of Louisville, KY, and is the Midtown Campus Worship Pastor at Sojourn Church. Emily Enabit is a graphic designer out of Oklahoma City (