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Bible Psalms 18:30-31

Posted June 24, 2013

30 This God—his way is perfect;
    the word of the Lord proves true;
    he is a shield for all those who take refuge in him.

31 For who is God, but the Lord?
    And who is a rock, except our God?—

These two verses in Psalm 18 follow David’s description of God’s amazing power in coming to rescue him from the hands of his enemies and Saul. He makes 4 glorious statements and then asks 2 praise-invoking questions:

Statement 1: This God -

Not a god (unknown, unspecific, unnamed & ambiguous), but this God. This God who reveals Himself and His name. This God who rescues those who fear Him. While mysterious and transcendent, He is also immanent and near; He is “knowable”. Just as David knew “this God”, so can we!

Statement 2: His way is perfect.

In his commentary on the Psalms, John Calvin said, “The phrase, The way of God, is not here taken for his revealed will, but for his method of dealing towards his people. The meaning, therefore, is, that God never disappoints or deceives his servants, nor forsakes them in the time of need, (as may be the case with men who do not aid their dependents, except in so far as it contributes to their own particular advantage,) but faithfully defends and maintains those whom he has once taken under his protection.” Where man’s ways are imperfect and bent, so God’s ways are perfect and straight.

Statement 3: The word of the Lord proves true.

Not only is His way perfect, but His promises are utterly reliable. We can bank on them. There are many things that would be risky to bet on or trust in coming to pass, but God’s promises are not one of them! They will ultimately prove themselves to be true because God will always come through with what He says.

Statement 4: He is a shield for all those who take refuge in him.

He protects those who fear Him, who look to Him, who run to His name. It seems this “shielding” and finding refuge can find meaning in the prior phrase: God’s word proves true. His promises will never disappoint us. Spurgeon commented, “No armour of proof or shield of brass so well secures the warrior as the covenant God of Israel protects his warring people. He himself is the buckler of trustful ones; what a thought is this! What peace may every trusting soul enjoy!”

Question 1: Who is God, but the Lord?

Only Him! He is the only One who is praise-worthy... There should be no other gods before Him for He is supreme in beauty, holiness, glory, and radiance!

Question 2: Who is a rock, except our God?

Not only is He set apart in being God, but He has called us to rely on Him in the same way we would rely on a rock for a solid foundation. Throughout our lives, we look for “rocks” we can count on. God is the only true Rock we can build our lives on and trust that He will not crumble!

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